The Affair (Season 5)

Directed By: Colin Bucksey


The first season of The Affair gave us many nude scenes. The second season has given us as many. Naked actresses and very beautiful sequences. The third season offered fewer sequences and the fourth a few more. We were demoralizing, but this fifth season immediately started great, with Anna Paquin nude. Naked in the bathtub, naked while getting fucked from behind, naked in another sex scene…
Maura Tierney shows us her tits already in the first episode and this is a great start for this fifth season. Tits in the wind also for the beautiful Kiri Hartig. Do you want more? The redhead Megan Duffy shows us her tits and Julia Goldani Telles gives us a long sequence of sex. The last nude scene of the season – and the series – is given to us by Maura Tierney, in the eleventh episode.
If you love the pregnant genre there’s a scene from Emily Browning in the shower.

Nude scenes