The Body Beautiful

Directed By: Rolfe Kanefsky


The Body Beautiful gym is on the verge of bankruptcy. Two employees find the “Clicker”, a tool that cancels inhibitions, and uses it on customers. All customers enjoy the Orgasmic Workout, participation is very high and bankruptcy is averted. The Clicker is a tool that takes its cue from the graphic novel “Il Gioco” by the great cartoonist Milo Manara. It’s not the first cinematographic transposition dedicated to this instrument, which we had already found in the film Le d├ęclic, in 1985.
Many naked actresses, lesbian scenes, threesomes… In short, boobs and asses for all tastes. Undressing in front of the camera are Bo Zena, Gabriella Hall, Kiva, Nina Leichtling, Sara St. James and Taylor St. Clair.

Nude scenes