The Crawler in the Attic

Directed By: Shoji Kubota


By now you know: we love Japanese nude actresses. From time to time we look at some films produced in the East, we don’t understand a word and we enjoy the nude scenes. The Crawler in the Attic (whose original title is Yaneura no sanposha) tells the story of a private detective hired by a beautiful girl to have him investigate her boyfriend. Maybe he cheats on her with a student. We cannot tell you much more about the plot, but we can tell you that in this film there are two beautiful actresses and we already appreciated them: Yuki Mamiya and Noriko Kijima.
Many interesting sex scenes and even some small incursions into BDSM, but nothing excessive. If you like Asian actresses, these two women will make your heart beat. They are very intriguing and equally intriguing are the erotic scenes.

Nude scenes