The Getaway

Directed By: Roger Donaldson


A former con man and his wife must run from danger when a heist that seemed simple doesn’t end as planned.
Almost ten years have passed since 9½ Weeks, but Kim Basinger has not lost a milligram of her erotic charge. In this film, the actress gives us some breathtaking sequences. In an early scene, Kim Basinger kneels in front of the bed where her man is lying. The actress is wearing only panties and a bra, but immediately the man undresses her and we are aroused to full-frontal nudity. He licks her nipples, she climbs on top of him, and they begin to fuck.
In the following scene, Kim Basinger is taking a shower. Her partner comes in and washes with her, but soon they both become aroused. And we too!
There is another very interesting scene with Kim Basinger naked, from the unrated version of the film. The main character is licking her between the legs, then she climbs on top of him and the two have sex. Later they are both lying on the bed. She’s wearing white lingerie and is very sensual.
Jennifer Tilly is the other nude actress in the film. In her first sex scene, she’s fucking astride a man while another man, tied to a chair, watches them. In another scene, Jennifer Tilly is lying on a bed, in white lingerie, with her head resting on a man’s legs. Finally, the actress shows us more lingerie, this time transparent black.

Nude scenes