The L Word: Generation Q (Season 1)

Directed By: Steph Green


After the great success of The L Word, which told homosexual issues to a generation, it’s the turn of a sequel, The L Word: Generation Q. Next to some of the actresses of the first series, with their characters, there are many new and beautiful actresses.
The first sequence of the first episode of the first season is a beautiful oral sex scene between Rosanny Zayas and Arienne Mandi. Shortly thereafter, Ashley Gallegos and Katherine Moennig give us a lesbian sequence on the kitchen table. In the second episode, lesbian sequences between Leisha Hailey and Stephanie Allynne and between Jacqueline Toboni and Olivia Thirlby. In the third episode Jacqueline Toboni and Olivia Thirlby kiss and talk in bed, naked of course. In the fourth episode in the bed together there are Jennifer Beals and Latarsha Rose, but only Latarsha shows us her boobs. In the fourth episode we can admire a lesbian scene between Katherine Moennig and Lex Scott Davis, another lesbian scene between Jacqueline Toboni and Olivia Thirlby, a beautiful and long sequence in the bathtub with Arienne Mandi and Rosanny Zayas and finally a fabulous threesome with protagonists Leisha Hailey, Stephanie Allynne and Sepideh Moafi. The fifth episode opens with a beautiful lesbian scene between Katherine Moennig and Lex Scott Davis. Shortly thereafter, we enjoy a heavenly vision: Stephanie Allynne, Leisha Hailey and Sepideh Moafi all three naked in bed. The episode ends with a lesbian scene on a sofa, starring Jacqueline Toboni and Jamie Clayton, who we still find naked on the sofa at the beginning of the sixth episode. In the sixth episode, we also point out Jacqueline Toboni who swims in the pool topless while talking to Rosanny Zayas, in a blue bikini. The series does not skip a beat and the last two episodes also feature beautiful nude scenes. In the seventh episode Sepideh Moafi licks Stephanie Allynne‘s pussy and Rosanny Zayas is naked in the shower. The first season ends with a long sex scene between Rosanny Zayas and Jacqueline Toboni.

Nude scenes