The New Life Style

Directed By: Jerzy Macc


The original title of this film is Heißer Sand auf Sylt, but director Peter Savage, along with his boxer friends Rocky Graziano and Jake LaMotta, produced a version with new added scenes and titled it The New Life Style (Just to Be Love). In this extended version, the two boxers also act as actors.
Most people who don’t live in Germany know the actor Horst Tappert mainly because of his most famous character: Derrick, a television series that lasted about 25 years.
In this film, he plays a successful industrialist, a middle-aged man, married and with a daughter. One day, the man goes to Sylt, an island in the North Sea, for a conference. On this island, there is a temptation on every corner: nudist beaches, beautiful women, parties… The world of the industrialist falters, and he falls in love with the blonde Renate (Renate von Holt).
In the film, we can enjoy several hot scenes. Renate von Holt takes a nude bath in the sea, while Alexy Burg and Uschi Mood shower together. The two girls also give us a lesbian scene. Barbara Zimmermann shows us her boobs and Jennifer Stone lets herself be intrigued by the nudist beach and takes off her bathing suit. Finally, Uta Erickson has sex in a meadow.

Nude scenes