The Perfect Education

Directed By: Ben Wada


The original title is Kanzen-naru shiiku and is the first in a series of seven films. A middle-aged man kidnaps a young girl with the intent of turning her into a perfect partner. For lovers of Japanese nude actresses, this film offers some very interesting sequences played by Hijiri Kojima.
In the shower, we see Hijiri Kojima naked for the first time. After removing her bathrobe in front of the camera, the actress also takes a shower in the second, longer scene. Her boobs are fabulous. Later, the girl kneels in front of a man. Pulling out a boob, she takes the man’s hand on her boob.
Eight minutes later, we watch Hijiri Kojima bathing naked in a swimming pool. The list of hot scenes concludes with four sex scenes that are all very horny.

Nude scenes