The Sopranos (Season 4)

Directed By: John Patterson


After three seasons devoted to Tony Soprano’s family (here, here and here for naked celebrities), the fourth came in 2002. This series was a huge success with critics and audiences, and even gave us some interesting hot scenes.
At the beginning of the second episode Lola Glaudini enters a room wearing only a pair of jeans and a purple bra with a nice cleavage. She picks up the phone and talks to Drea de Matteo, who is in her underwear and bra and shaving her legs. In the next scene Jamie-Lynn Sigler is walking around the house wearing a bikini. She is also talking on the phone. In the fiftieth minute of the fifth episode Drea de Matteo enters a bedroom and takes off her shirt revealing a beautiful cleavage in a red bra. In episode six finally a nice nude. Tone Christensen is in bed with a man and wearing only a pair of panties. When the man receives a phone call he gets up and leaves, leaving Tone alone, sitting with her legs crossed. In the eighth episode we can see Leslie Bega naked. The woman is having sex with a man, him on the bottom and her on top. We see Leslie Bega naked again in the following episode. Tony Soprano is talking on the phone and behind him is Leslie, who is getting dressed and giving us a full-frontal nude. In the thirteenth episode Oksana Lada (AKA Oksana Babiy) walks around the bedroom in an open robe with panties and bra underneath.

Nude scenes