The Ups and Downs of a Handyman

Directed By: John Sealey


Sodding Chipbury is a cute little English village. Unfortunately, there aren’t many entertainment options and most women are sexually frustrated. But one day Bob arrives, a handsome handyman who will please them all, and not just in repairs.
Penny Meredith is the handyman’s wife, and obviously the man also “works” at home. Jeannie Collings gets the whirlpool fixed… with her inside. Shortly thereafter, Helli Louise also dives into the tub to start a nice threesome.
Gay Soper is a photography enthusiast. She likes to be photographed, possibly in lingerie, or naked. Nita Lorraine is the farmer’s wife and she is very interested in the services of the handyman. Her daughter too. Charmaine Laurence is a waitress who works topless, while Olivia Syson is a wife who loves to be spanked. Valerie Leon prepares in sexy clothing to welcome the handyman, but there is the wrong man at the door. Ava Cadell and Alexandra Dane are the last two nude actresses on this long list.

Nude scenes