The White Lotus (Season 2)

Directed By: Mike White


The second season of The White Lotus still deals with vacations. As in the first season, the characters are a group of vacationers, this time at a resort in Italy, in Taormina. The cast has almost completely changed and we get to see a couple of very nice nude Italian actresses.
In the first episode, no one gets naked, but Meghann Fahy walks to the beach in a very exciting swimsuit. At the beginning of the third episode, Aubrey Plaza gets ready to arouse her partner. She certainly arouses us. At the end of the episode, Beatrice Grannò and Simona Tabasco attend a private party and take off their clothes. In the fourth episode, there is a brief scene with Beatrice Grannò naked. The fifth episode will drive Simona Tabasco‘s fans crazy as the actress gives us two breathtaking sex scenes, one at the beginning of the episode and one at the end. It’s not easy to see Aubrey Plaza naked, but in the sixth episode, we finally get to see her in two hot scenes. In the first scene, the actress wears a bikini and a nipple comes out when she gets up from the lounge chair. In the second scene, Aubrey has sex with a guy while sitting on a coffee table. In the same episode, we can see a soft lesbian scene with Beatrice Grannò and Sabrina Impacciatore. The latter wears transparent white lingerie and we catch a glimpse of her nipples.
In the seventh and final episode, Sabrina Impacciatore mesmerizes us with a marble ass. Fifty minutes later, Aubrey Plaza has sex with a guy and she wears see-through white lingerie. This intriguing sequence is the last hot scene of the second season.

Nude scenes