The Woman That Dreamed About a Man nude scenes

The Woman That Dreamed About a Man

Directed By: Per Fly


The Woman That Dreamed About a Man is an erotic psychological drama. Karen (Sonja Richter) is a Danish fashion photographer. She’s a successful woman and works a lot. The time she has left for her husband and daughter is very little. One day, Karen sees a very handsome man in Paris and she feels a huge attraction for him. She will even move to Warsaw, where he lives, to be close to him. The man is initially happy with this love story, but soon gets tired and tries to end the relationship.
The absolute protagonist of the film is the good actress Sonja Richter, an intriguing and sensual blonde who gives us several nude scenes. Sonja turns us on too with a couple of full-frontal nudes, one in the shower, one after getting out of bed.

Nude scenes