TNT Jackson

Directed By: Cirio H. Santiago


Diana ‘T.N.T.’ Jackson (Jeannie Bell) is a martial arts expert who travels to Hong Kong to find the men who killed her brother. And get revenge, of course.
At minute 23, Jeannie Bell is soaking in the bathtub. A man is sitting on the edge and talking to her. Jeannie’s nipples peep out of the foam. Twenty minutes later, a man rips off Jeannie Bell‘s shirt and she is left bare-breasted. The man threatens to burn her with a cigar while another holds her by the arms. Jeannie breaks free and beats everyone, remaining topless. Five minutes later the actress has sex with a man. Eight minutes later, Pat Anderson comes out of the shower and shows us her breasts as she grabs her bathrobe.

Nude scenes