Directed By: Kim Rossi Stuart


Whenever Tommaso sees a woman, he imagines her naked. And he falls in love with her. Tommaso falls in love with Chiara (Jasmine Trinca), then he falls in love with Federica (Cristiana Capotondi), then with Sonia (Camilla Diana). Yet, he never seems to find the woman of his dreams.
As Tommaso falls in love with all the naked actresses who appear on screen, we fall in love with them as well.
We start with Camilla Diana, who gives us a beautiful sex scene with the protagonist, after arousing him by waving her perfect ass in front of his nose. The actress stars in three other hot scenes in the film. In one of these scenes, we can admire Camilla Diana in a pregnant version.
Let’s talk now about Cristiana Capotondi, who stuns us with a breathtaking full nude. The actress plays a couple of really intriguing sequences.
We see Jasmine Trinca, the third girlfriend of the protagonist, naked as she enters the bed.
Plus, we point out Valentina Faina completely naked on a bus, Ludovica Martini naked at a window, Valentina Violo having sex on a desk, and Gabriella Infelise playing a super-sexy pharmacist.

Nude scenes