Tutti Frutti: 3D Stripteases vol. 4

Directed By: NA


We have written it many times: the great success of the sexy Italian quiz show Colpo Grosso has inspired other nations to produce their own versions. The most famous and enduring was Tutti Frutti, presented by Hugo Egon Balder, but with a female cast borrowed from its Italian sister.
Completely original performances include the EuroGirls‘ 3-D strips, to be watched with two-tone lens goggles. The girls’ names are assigned randomly for each show, so the model named Tracy in the next episode is referred to as Pirkko. At first we tried to categorize everything correctly, then our heads exploded. When we write a book on Colpo Grosso and Tutti Frutti we will try to be more precise. In the meantime, we enjoy the strips in this monograph.

Nude scenes