Tutti pazzi per amore (Season 2)

Directed By: Laura Muscardin, Riccardo Milani


We didn’t have high hopes for the second season of Tutti pazzi per amore, as the first had offered us very little in the way of naked actresses.
We had to change our mind, because in this new chapter of this television series dedicated to love there are several interesting sequences, such as Carlotta Natoli and Carla Signoris completely naked, unfortunately with the most interesting parts hidden. And there is a lot of other interesting material, among which we point out: Carlotta Natoli‘s ass, Camilla Filippi‘s breasts under a wet T-shirt, and the burlesque ballet of a group of super hot girls composed by Antonia Liskova, Francesca Inaudi, Irene Ferri, Carlotta Natoli, and Sonia Bergamasco.

Nude scenes