Un Amore

Directed By: Francesco Lagi


The year is 1996. Alessandro and Anna meet at a very young age and take a trip to Spain that makes them fall in love. But their paths diverge and over the years they each live their own lives and other loves. They meet again in Bologna, 20 years later, and discover that love never dies. The 1996 Anna is played by Beatrice Fiorentini, the 2000s Anna by Micaela Ramazzotti.
In the 20th minute of the second episode Beatrice Fiorentini undresses behind a curtain and a guy peeks at her breasts. Twenty-five minutes later a man removes the shirt from Micaela Ramazzotti, who remains topless. Three minutes later the two have sex. In the fifth minute of the third episode Micaela has sex with a man leaning against a wall at night on a deserted street. At the beginning of the fourth episode we admire Micaela Ramazzotti naked while having sex with a man standing over her. Seven minutes later, she and the man are lying in bed, leaning on their stomachs, totally naked. They chat, then she gets up to leave the room and shows us a fabulous ass. The fifth episode delights us with three naked actresses. In the 42nd minute Margaux Billard has sex with a man on the couch. She stands on top and we see her ass in a shot from behind. Shortly afterwards the camera also shows us her beautiful breasts. At the same time, Micaela Ramazzotti is also having sex with a man on the couch and she is also on top of him. Six minutes later, Beatrice Fiorentini has sex with a guy on the beach.

Nude scenes