Un toro da monta

Directed By: Roberto Mauri


Salvatore owns a stud bull, which he rents to farmers who want to impregnate their cows. Like the bull, Salvatore is a handsome male example, always ready to satisfy women’s desires. As soon as he marries Sabrina (Femi Benussi), he idealizes her to the point that he cannot have sexual relations with her. The woman, together with his cousin (Daniela Giordano), does what she can to eliminate this unwelcome sexual impotence. The first interesting scene in the film is with Paola D’Egidio. The actress plays a Spanish girl, who wears transparent red lingerie. A bed scene follows, in which Femi Benussi appears naked, sensual, and beautiful. After this, there is a brief scene with Daniela Giordano naked. Four minutes later, Bianca Toso plays a prostitute showing her breasts to a hypothetical client. Negotiations are successful, and the two go to her trailer to have sex. In the following scene, Femi Benussi wears a sexy cat costume (with rabbit ears!) to excite her husband. It’s a very intriguing scene for fans of this actress, and not only for them. To arouse her husband, Femi Benussi engages in various other ways: she tries to have sex in a moving truck, wears sexy lingerie, and has sex with other men while her husband spies through the keyhole. Eventually, things will finally find their balance.

Nude scenes