Van Wilder

Directed By: Walt Becker


Van Wilder has been in college for seven years and has now become a real institution. Studying is not the part of college he prefers and basically his primary purpose is to organize parties. Who cares about studying: his father is a rich man.
And in fact, his father cuts off food, convinced that sudden poverty obliges Van to take responsibility for himself and start studying. Obviously not.
Gwen is a journalism student and decides to write an article about this Party King, so she starts following him and being with him, to document everything. Spending time with him will make Gwen understand who the real Van Wilder really is.
Gwen is Tara Reid and we shouldn’t say anything else. This blonde is a real sexy bombshell and even if she doesn’t completely strip her appearance in a skimpy white bikini she makes us drool. To increase the number of nude and horny actresses there are Ivana Bozilovic, Jesse Capelli, Kim Smith, and Lydia Hull. First there was Porky’s, then American Pie and finally, Van Wilder arrived.

Nude scenes