Viola di Mare

Directed By: Donatella Maiorca


On a Sicilian island in the second half of the 1800s, two girls love each other. Of course, society is hostile to their love, even more so than it might be today. One of them disguises herself as a man, and together they pretend to be a heterosexual couple.
The first hot scene is courtesy of Lucrezia Lante Della Rovere, immersed in a bath bowl. Forty minutes later, Valeria Solarino shows us her perfect breasts. After ten minutes, Isabella Ragonese and Valeria Solarino are engaged in a long and extremely exciting lesbian sequence.
In the following scene, Valeria Solarino undresses in front of a doctor. Her body looks fabulous. Eighteen minutes later, Isabella Ragonese and Valeria Solarino are lying in bed. Isabella takes one of Valeria’s hands and brings it to her breasts, then between her legs.

Nude scenes