Vita coi figli

Directed By: Dino Risi


An entrepreneur delegates everything family-related to his wife, but when she dies in a car accident he has to take care of his five sons and their issues. When he meets Elda (Monica Bellucci), a woman much younger than him, he falls madly in love with her. Vita coi figli is a television film that showed Monica Bellucci‘s nude debut on the screens.
Monica makes her appearance after 35 minutes. In the 40th minute she excites us with a series of sexy poses after emerging from the water of a pool in a black bikini. Eight minutes later we admire Monica Bellucci naked in bed. The actress is sleeping, the leading man approaches to kiss her, then lowers himself and we sense that he’s also kissing her between the legs. Ten minutes later Monica improvises a sensual dance for her partner.

Nude scenes