Volere Volare

Directed By: Maurizio Nichetti


Martina (Angela Finocchiaro) is a kind of call girl who helps people fulfill their fantasies. Maurizio is in charge of cartoon sound effects. When the two meet, a bizarre love is born, especially since he gradually turns into a cartoon.
The film opens on a sauna. From the steam appear Angela Finocchiaro and Mariella Valentini naked. The two actresses are chatting. In the fifth minute, we find Angela Finocchiaro naked in bed. The woman answers the phone, then gets up and walks around the house totally naked, holding two coffee cups. She opens the door to two men who sit in the hallway and watch her as she walks around naked, takes a shower, and gets dressed. Two minutes later, the actress is lying on a pastry chef’s table. The pastry chef pours a pot of liquid chocolate over her naked body, covering her completely. Half an hour later, Regina Stagnitti, Laura Celoria and Adriana Canese act naked in an erotic film from the 1700s, to which cartoon sounds have been superimposed. Eleven minutes later, Angela Finocchiaro nude is kneeling on the bed, phone in hand. After another 18 minutes, the actress takes a shower, then gets into bed with a man. She wears pajamas open in the front, with her breasts exposed. Thirteen minutes later, Angela Finocchiaro shows us a beautiful full-frontal nude as she rolls around on the bed with a cartoon character.

Nude scenes