Wicked Lake

Directed By: Zach Passero


Some deranged guys make the mistake of bothering four young girls convinced they are easy prey, only to find that at the stroke of midnight the situation is completely reversed.
The film excites us from the beginning. Robin Sydney is totally naked and posing for some art students. One of the guys imagines that Robin is approaching him to seduce him. Five minutes later Robin hands a boob to a guy, who reaches out a hand to touch it, then runs away. Seven minutes later Carlee Baker, Eve Mauro, Eryn Joslyn and Robin Sydney are sitting totally naked on some pillows. Nine minutes later the four naked actresses are enjoying themselves on the shore of a lake and in the water. Twenty-nine minutes later Eve Mauro nude emerges from a dark wood and approaches two guys. In the next scene Eve enters the house and sits next to two friends. She is naked and covered in blood. During the end credits we see the four naked friends playing in the lake water again.

Nude scenes