Women in Cell Block 7

Directed By: Rino Di Silvestro


Diario segreto da un carcere femminile, known by a thousand other titles including Women in Cell Block 7, is an essential movie for lovers of nude Italian celebrities of the 70s. In this movie there are many and there are some very rare nudes. You can enjoy nude scenes with Valeria Fabrizi, an actress who has undressed very few times in her career.
The film opens with Olga Bisera putting a finger in the ass to Jenny Tamburi, for a body search. With a start like this, expectations are high. And they are not disregarded. Shortly thereafter we witness a long lesbian scene between Eva Czemerys and Paola Senatore, then another lesbian sequence, this time between Olga Bisera and Maria Pia Luzi.
Do we have any nice group showers? Of course! Eva Czemerys, Bedy Moratti, Rosita Torosh, Cristina Gaioni, Loredana Mongardini, Gabriella Giorgelli, Valeria Fabrizi, Maria Pia Luzi… all in the shower, all full frontal nudes!
The plot is the classic one of every WIP (Women in Prison) movie: a woman is unjustly imprisoned, stop. Who cares about the plot in this riot of naked celebrities.

Nude scenes