Directed By: Ti West


1979. A group of young directors decides to shoot a porn film in rural Texas. The crew rents a cottage from an elderly couple and begins shooting the film right away. They soon discover that their elderly, lonely hosts are far more dangerous than they appear.
X is a horror movie that knocked us out several times but also aroused us with its naked actresses. The movie features the nude debut of Brittany Snow, a beautiful blonde actress who we couldn’t wait to see naked. In addition to her, the sexy Mia Goth undresses.
The nude scenes are all interesting. In the first, Brittany Snow is shooting a sequence from the porn movie and shows us two perfect tits while the actor fucks her. A moment later, she goes doggy style. Not far away, Mia Goth is enjoying the breeze by the river. The girl bathes naked, takes off her clothes, and throws herself into the water. She floats for a while, then she returns to shore. When she pulls herself up onto the dock, we can admire her perfect ass.
Meanwhile, Brittany Snow has finished filming the sex scene. She wipes the sperm off her back with a towel, then chats while smoking a cigarette, lying on the bed, naked.
After the bath, sex. In fact, Mia Goth plays the second sex scene in the porn movie. Jenna Ortega plays the last scene of the porn movie. Unfortunately, the girl does not take off all her clothes and stays in her panties and bra, but she is still very hot.

Nude scenes