Young Mother

Directed By: Ja-kwan Kong


Several members have asked us for some reviews on oriental movies. Although we usually deal with European or American nudographs, we willingly do some raids in the magical east, as there are many notable erotic movies.
Young Mother (original title Jeolmeun eomma) is one of these movies. The young student Jin-goo has problems at school and relies on a nice English tutor: Joo-hee. Besides teaching him English words, Joo-hee will also teach him sex. Their relationship will become too sentimental and Joo-hee will stop teaching him English and oral sex. But after a few years the two meet and start from where they left off.
The English tutor is played by the beautiful Eun-mi Lee. We immediately fell in love with her. Pantyhose, oral sex, classic oriental sighs during sex … in short, unmissable sequences.

Nude scenes