Zum zweiten Frühstück heiße Liebe

Directed By: Hubert Frank


The original title of this film is Zum zweiten Frühstück heiße Liebe, but it’s also known by the title Lonely Wives. The film enriches the very long list of Germanic “reports,” which are totally fictional documentaries about the sexual habits of various categories of people. In this specific documentary, a journalist researches the hidden desires of European wives neglected by their husbands.
Lots of episodes and lots of naked actresses, with many interesting names. The first to strip is the reporter’s neighbor (Barbara Nielsen), whom he spies on through the window. When the reporter meets the neighbor he chats with her and gets the idea for articles about neglected wives. The first is played by Ingeborg Steinbach, who sunbathes naked on the balcony. A neighbor spies on her, but unlike the journalist this one is a bad man. Ewa Strömberg and Dorit Henke are the main characters in the following story. The two girls play badminton completely naked on their front lawn. When the gardener arrives, Ewa has sex with him, and Dorit watches. The next housewife interviewed is the legendary Ingrid Steeger. She and her husband go camping to visit a couple of friends and have fun diving naked into the water of a lake. The other couple’s wife is Rena Bergen. Four minutes later, Rena has sex in a boat cabin and Ingrid on the beach. Soon after, we witness a group shower, which awakens the lesbian attraction of the two women. One minute later, we can enjoy a lesbian scene with Ingrid Steeger and Rena Bergen, unfortunately short. In the next scene, the journalist is with his girlfriend (Anna Kristina) and they are both naked. After this domestic interlude, we return to the housewives’ stories and find Marlene Rahn naked in the bathtub with a man. In the last story, Eva Garden models sexual items sold door-to-door to groups of women.

Nude scenes