2069 A.D.

Directed By: Sam Kopetzky


In 2069 A.D., the protagonist travels through time to understand where she went wrong in her past love affairs. The film’s tagline prepares us for a Freudian highway of time travel.
The film is a succession of sex scenes, with little-known actresses, except Marsha Jordan, who has an enormous fan base.
In the opening, Linda Marr gives us a couple of sex scenes. The actress is gorgeous and has a fabulous body; unfortunately, she only plays in this film.
Marsha Jordan is the second nude actress. Two sex scenes also for this busty blonde, which she turns us on every time she appears on the screen.
Barbara Lynn plays the following sex scene, then disappears and reappears next to Sharon Matt. The two engage in a couple of very intriguing lesbian scenes. Charlotte White, another actress who has worked very little in cinema, offers the last sex scene.

Nude scenes