365 Days: This Day

Directed By: Barbara Bialowas, Tomasz Mandes


365 Days: This Day (original title is 365 Dni: Ten Dzień) is the second chapter of an erotic trilogy inspired by the novels of Polish writer Blanka Lipińska. The books are clearly inspired by Fifty Shades of Gray.
The story continues, and new characters arrive. All our focus is on the protagonist, the Polish actress, model, and singer, Anna Maria Sieklucka. As in the first chapter, Anna Maria Sieklucka gives us many passionate scenes.
The first scene immediately excited us. Anna Maria Sieklucka, in the blond version, undresses in front of her new husband, sits down in front of him, and starts masturbating with a vibrator.
A few moments later, we watch a montage with various nude scenes: Anna Maria is alternately topless on the beach and in a hot tub.
Two long sex scenes follow. Anna Maria Sieklucka is wearing sexy black lingerie and stockings. A man has sex with her in various positions. Soon after, there is another, more romantic sex scene.
The actress gives us another couple of hot sequences, first immersed in the sea in a wet and transparent t-shirt, then lying in bed while a man practices oral sex.
Magdalena Lamparska and Natasza Urbanska are the other two nude actresses in the film.

Nude scenes