Five Dolls for an August Moon

Directed By: Mario Bava


Of this film, director Mario Bava said: “A sleazy film, undoubtedly the worst I have ever directed.” The director is partially right, because this film inspired by Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None certainly has narrative shortcomings, but the camerawork, the actresses’ outfits, and the music put us in front of a picture to admire. And then there is Edwige Fenech, beautiful as a goddess.
Around the fourth minute of the film Edwige Fenech dances in a room, watched by other people. The actress wears a very sexy tight dress and when she climbs on a table she reminds us vaguely of Barbara Bouchet from Milano Calibro 9. In the following scene, Edwige is on a yacht wearing a very sexy white bikini. The woman is talking and laughing together with a man lying next to her, then turns to hug him. The camera focuses for a few moments on the actress’ beautiful ass. Six minutes later, in an extremely dark sequence, Edwige enters the yacht cabin and takes off her shirt to show her breasts to a man lying in bed. Unfortunately for her, the man is murdered. Edwige flees in terror and runs to the beach, covering her breasts with her hands. We find her a minute later, relaxed after a shower. Edwige Fenech lies on a bed on her stomach, next to a man, and shows us her breasts. Fourteen minutes later Ira von Fürstenberg is sitting on a rock by the sea, at sunset. A man approaches her, caresses her thigh, then begins to unbutton her shirt. When her breasts begin to appear, she stops him. A minute later Edwige Fenech is lying on a bed wearing red lingerie and trying to seduce a man. Seven minutes later Helena Ronee is lying naked in bed smoking a cigarette. The woman slips the cigarette between her toes and hands it to a man beside her. He takes a puff of the smoke, then stands up to Helena ready for sex. The director cuts to the next morning. Helena Ronee is still in bed but this time she is wearing a transparent robe. She stands and allows herself to be admired in all her beauty, then walks to the balcony and exits.

Nude scenes