A.A.A…. Cercasi ragazza tutto fare

Directed By: Arduino Sacco


Italian hardcore movie from 1986, directed under the pseudonym Lucia Lucas Mofarej. Official sources claim that it’s the pseudonym of the actress Mara Bronzoni, but it’s highly unlikely that she’s directing. Following some intuitions, the direction could be attributed to Arduino Sacco.
The names of the actresses are also uncertain. Except for Diana Auvers, who starred in a handful of films in the 1980s, the other two actresses are credited as Ankisa Suma and Anna Jasky and we know nothing about the former, while the latter could be Susanne Romanski.
The plot is clearly very sparse. Some girls respond to an ad in the newspaper looking for “handyman girls”, but the servants required are all sexual. No problem, and we can enjoy blowjobs, fucks, orgies, and inserting dicks and cucumbers in all the available holes.

Nude scenes