A Complicated Girl

Directed By: Damiano Damiani


Due to interference, a young man gets involved in a telephone conversation between two women. He discovers that the two women are having a Sapphic relationship and is interested. He gets to know one of them, a rich young woman, bored and with a touch of malice. The two are having an affair, but the other woman is not happy.
Catherine Spaak‘s nudes are very rare but in the film A Complicated Girl (original title Una ragazza piuttosto complicata), she even gives us a full frontal one. It is filmed a bit from a distance, but it’s perfectly visible and collectors of nude actresses will certainly be happy.
In the film, four other beautiful actresses who don’t grant us nudity, but interesting sexy sequences. They are Florinda Bolkan, Gabriella Boccardo, Malisa Longo and Maria Luisa Bavastro.

Nude scenes