A Flowerbox for Rosie

Directed By: Weiping Kaigen


After meeting at an LGBT party, two young women realize they are in love with each other. But the path to settling down together is long and full of obstacles as one of the girls must overcome resentment toward her family.
Around the tenth minute of the film Sophie Reinhart is sitting on a stool as a mature woman walks around her, undresses her and kisses her. Sophie has black hair, while in the next scene a door opens and we see Sophie Reinhart naked in the bathtub, this time as a blonde. The woman is washing herself and when she runs the sponge between her legs she begins to masturbate. Twenty-four minutes later Sophie Reinhart is sitting in front of Aida Popanopoulous, who is portraying her. Sophie is wearing panties and bra and is smoking a cigarette. Immediately she undresses completely. Aida wants to portray Sophie while she is enjoying herself, and Sophie begins to masturbate. Six minutes later Sophie Reinhart is sitting on the kitchen floor showing her ass in a black thong while talking to someone on the phone.

Nude scenes