Acqua di Marzo

Directed By: Ciro De Caro


Libero is a young advertising woman who lives in Rome with her girlfriend (Claudia Vismara). His grandmother’s illness forced him to return to his country of origin, Battipaglia, in Campania. Here, Libero meets his former schoolmate, Neve (Rossella D’Andrea). In the past, there was an attraction between the two, and this attraction still seems to exist.
Acqua di Marzo is a very interesting film directed by Ciro De Caro in 2017. It opens with Rossella D’Andrea naked, lying on a bed. A few seconds later, we see another actress naked on the bed. This time it’s Claudia Vismara, kneeling, terribly sensual.
The film continues to feature nude scenes with Rossella D’Andrea and Claudia Vismara.

Nude scenes