Mare nero

Directed By: Roberta Torre


A crime brings a police inspector in contact with the promiscuous sex world of clandestine clubs. As the investigation continues, the man becomes increasingly attracted to this kind of extreme sex.
In the eighth minute we admire the beautiful Andrea Osvárt naked and lying in bed, in the sad role of a corpse. Less than a minute later we see Anna Mouglalis naked, also lying in bed, but she is only sleeping. Four minutes later Rossella D’Andrea dances in toples at a pole dance. After the performance Rossella meets a man in the dressing room. She is still topless. Nine minutes later Anna Mouglalis naked has sex in bed with a man. She is on top of him. Forty-four minutes later Anna is submerged naked in the bathtub. In the next scene Monica Samassa is playing solitaire with cards. The woman is wearing a very low-cut red dress and one of her nipples pops out.

Nude scenes