Al cuore si comanda

Directed By: Giovanni Morricone


Lorenza (Claudia Gerini) is a beautiful girl unlucky in love. Her romantic dates always end badly, and she finally decides to rent a man, who has to play the part of her boyfriend. Things, of course, do not go as she would expect.
After the first five minutes, Claudia Gerini talks on the phone and undresses, sitting on the bed. The actress remains in white lingerie and thigh-high stockings. Five minutes later Claudia Gerini undresses again, this time in the gym after a workout. Behind her, we can glimpse for a moment Sabrina Impacciatore naked in the shower. Another twenty-five minutes pass and we can admire Claudia Gerini in her bathrobe. The protagonist spies her from the mirror while she undresses and wears a shirt. For a few moments, we can look at her breasts. Fifteen minutes later, Claudia undresses for the last time in the film.

Nude scenes