Directed By: Stefano Salvati


A corrupt policeman organizes a theft of cocaine from the warehouse of a police station. Executing the theft are an unprofessional couple. One of them owns a grocery store and hides the drugs among the groceries. His niece (Laura Gigante) finds it and organizes a mega drug party together with the janitor of her school.
In the 21st minute there are some super hot girls in a disco bathroom. Aura Rolenzetti wears a stunning dress, thanks to which we can admire the outline of her breasts. Next to her, Laura Gigante simulates a blowjob with a plastic bottle and Francesca Bagnara instructs her on the best techniques. No one gets naked, yet this sequence is extremely exciting. Two minutes later, holograms of naked Aura Rolenzetti dancing sensually and licking her lips are projected in the disco. Eight minutes later, Laura Gigante has sex on the couch with a guy. Andrea Lehotska and Aura Rolenzetti undress and kiss for a webcam show. The two girls are joined by a guy and the scene gets even hotter. Sixteen minutes later there is another show in front of the webcam. Paola Ticca and Andrea Lehotska participate in the orgy. Three minutes later there is Laura Gigante naked in front of the camera, having sex with a guy.

Nude scenes