The Eroticist

Directed By: Lucio Fulci


Director Lucio Fulci makes up actor Lando Buzzanca as a famous Italian politician and makes fun of the main political party of those years (this is 1972). The consequences come immediately. Film seized, then put back into circulation full of cuts. Recently an HD version appeared, with more cuts in the nude scenes.
The Honorable Giacinto Puppis has a problem: sudden raptures force him to grope women’s asses. He even tries to lock himself in a convent to recover from this kind of disease, but nuns with the faces of Laura Antonelli and Agostina Belli make the situation worse.
After the first 15 minutes of the film, Eva Czemerys appears to us naked. The protagonist dreams of her, and she moves persuasively to arouse him. Half an hour later, the beautiful Eva is still in the protagonist’s dreams. Later, in the convent, we witness a parade of naked nuns, among whom are Agostina Belli and Laura Antonelli. The protagonist walks behind them and touches each one’s ass.
Twenty minutes later, we are aroused by Anita Strindberg naked, covered with coins and bills at strategic points. Toward the end of the film are the best scenes, with Laura Antonelli taking off her clothes and delighting us with one of the most beautiful breasts in Italian cinema. Beautiful, naked, and seductive, she gives us a couple of breathtaking nudes, then a long sex scene with the leading man.

Nude scenes