Altri desideri particolari

Directed By: Andrea Bianchi, Olivier Mathot


Barbara (Nicole Segaud) lives in Paris with her husband. Tired of her married life, she leaves everything and goes to Italy, where she meets Danielle (Lise Pinson). This moment changes Barbara’s life forever.
Italian-French production with three different titles. The original title should be Altri desideri particolari, directed by Andrea Bianchi, released in softcore version. The sequences shot in France were made by the actor Olivier Mathot.
In the French edition, the film is titled Piège pour une femme seule, and Olivier Mathot is credited as the director.
From the visions of these two softcore releases, it’s clear to everyone that a hardcore version must also exist. Indeed, there is one. It’s an English version and it’s titled The Erotic Dreams of a Lady. However, we watched the German translation of the English version.
The scenes are all quite exciting and starred Nicole Segaud, Lise Pinson, and Pauline Teutscher. Blowing jobs, oral sex, canon sex, and a nice lesbian sequence with Lise Pinson and Nicole Segaud.

Nude scenes