Altri tempi

Directed By: Marco Turco


Altri tempi is a TV miniseries that tells the stories of prostitutes working in an Italian brothel during the 1950s, alongside parliamentary debates that will cause the abolition of brothels in Italy and the implementation of pimping laws.
We can admire some very attractive nude Italian actresses in the two episodes that make up this story. The hot scenes come after the first forty minutes. First Vittoria Puccini gets naked, then Stefania Rocca. Both actresses give us a few short scenes that are very interesting. Later, Stefania Rocca simulates an orgasm, which made us quite aroused, although without exposing tits or asses.
Towards the end of the first episode, Viviana Altieri shows us her beautiful breasts. The woman wears provocative lingerie and black stockings. We can enjoy one of Marina Rocco’s rare nudes in the same sequence. Immediately after, Marta Iagatti presents us with a super sexy sequence.
The second episode opens with Elena Radonicich lying in bed, in stockings and black lingerie. In the next scene, we are inside the brothel and all the prostitutes are parading to show themselves to the clients. Some are topless, others in sexy lingerie. Among the many, we recognize Camilla Semino Favro, Elena Radonicich, Marina Rocco, Marta Iagatti and Viviana Altieri.
Two sexy sequences with Vittoria Puccini and Valentina Corti close the hot scenes list of the second and last episode.

Nude scenes