Amici Miei

Directed By: Mario Monicelli


Amici miei is one of the masterpieces of Italian comedy. Made in 1975 by director Mario Monicelli, it tells the hilarious stories of a group of middle-aged Tuscan friends, always intent on concocting hoaxes and pranks against some unfortunate person.
In the film, it’s also possible to admire some very intriguing nude actresses. In the first nude scene, Silvia Dionisio is lying in bed, completely naked, showing us her perfect ass. A moment later she walks naked to the bathroom. In the second sequence, the beautiful Silvia Dionisio argues with her lover. As they throw objects at each other, the actress wears only a tank top with nothing underneath, and we can see both her ass and pussy. In the last short sequence, we find Silvia Dionisio in bed with Ulla Johannsen, both completely naked.

Nude scenes