Amor Estranho Amor

Directed By: Walter Hugo Khouri


In 1982, Hugo walks through the rooms of a beautiful manor house that was his home in the 1950s. The house was also a well-known brothel, in which his mother worked. She and all the other prostitutes are still fresh in Hugo’s mind.
First to undress is Matilde Mastrangi, who shows us a full-frontal nude. A few moments later, we admire the naked beauty of 19-year-old Xuxa. Vera Fischer, immersed in a bathtub, is the third nude actress.
Vera Fischer also performs the following hot scene, a long sequence of sex in bed. Later, Matilde Mastrangi opens her robe again to show us her statuesque figure.
After 22 minutes, Xuxa returns, dressed as a rabbit. In front of an intrigued audience, she performs a striptease. The following scene also stars Xuxa. A minute later, we admire Vera Fischer naked in bed. The last hot scene is played by Xuxa.
Xuxa Meneghel (AKA Xuxa) is a famous Brazilian actress and singer who has worked extensively in children and youth entertainment. Because of this film, some bigots circulated rumors that Xuxa took part in pornographic films. There is nothing more untrue since this is a very soft erotic film.

Nude scenes