Corpo e Alma de Uma Mulher

Directed By: David Cardoso


Rodrigo and Aimé (Tássia Camargo) are a young married couple who love each other madly. Unfortunately, bad luck hits them and the girl is paralyzed following an accident.
Love overcomes all obstacles, but evidently, Rodrigo cannot overcome sexual abstinence. The hubby fucks a couple of friends (Matilde Mastrangi and Zelia Martins) and the nurse he hired to look after his wife (Helena Ramos).
Between one fuck and the next, Rodrigo finds time to spy on his neighbor (Elizabeth de Luiz) who does striptease for her husband.
Aimé remembers her splendid past and we can admire some fabulous sequences with Tássia Camargo, a beautiful and sensual Brazilian actress, like all the others in this film.

Nude scenes