And When She Was Bad…

Directed By: Gary Graver


Ken, a divorced man, receives a visit from his now teenage daughter (Lyllah Torena), whom he has not seen in over a decade. The man has a new life and a new wife, but he welcomes the girl into the house with them. Unfortunately, the man doesn’t know that the daughter has become a deranged, murderous nymphomaniac who tries to seduce him, his wife, and a Bible salesman.
The film opens with Sandy Carey naked, intent on having sex with the film’s protagonist. The following scene takes place ten years later. The man is arguing with his new wife (Heather Vale), who chases him around the house and shows us a full-frontal nude. Twelve minutes later there is another full-frontal nude, this time is Lyllah Torena. Eight minutes later Ken and Heather Vale have sex in bed, spied on by his daughter.
The next morning Lyllah Torena brings breakfast in bed to Heather Vale, then the two women shower together. In the night, Lyllah Torena masturbates lying in her own bed. Four minutes later Heather Vale and Lyllah Torena turn us on with a long lesbian scene. Later Lyllah Torena seduces a Bible salesman, with excellent results, and the two have sex in front of a fireplace fire.

Nude scenes