The 3 Phases of Eve

Directed By: NA


Eva (Sandy Carey) sees a psychiatrist because she has three personalities: the prude, the seductress, and the nymphomaniac. The woman tells the doctor about her sexual relationship with her husband. An instant later, another tale follows: the husband discovers Eva in bed with another man and she invites him to join them. The husband, not at all jealous, happily accepts.
Later, Sandy Carey is at a friend’s house and phones the psychiatrist. It has been decided to have an orgy and she is afraid that her nymphomaniac personality will take over. In fact, a moment later the woman is intent on having sex with the other guests. Along with her are Starlyn Simone and Suzanne Fields. By the time the doctor arrives, it’s too late and Sandy Carey is getting laid big time. Presumably, the psychiatrist also has a split personality, because he dismounts the doctor’s role and goes into the bedroom with Sandy Carey to have sex with her.

Nude scenes