Apocalipsis sexual

Directed By: Carlos Aured, Sergio Bergonzelli


A gang of sexual perverts spends their days having sex and committing various crimes. One day they decide to make a big hit and kidnap a millionaire’s daughter. They will find out that the girl is more extravagant than them.
Apocalipsis sexual is a Spanish film from 1982. Directed by Carlos Aured, assisted by Sergio Bergonzelli (uncredited). There are two versions of this film: a hardcore and a softcore. The cast is full of well-loved actresses, who delight us with a variety of hot scenes, with a preponderance of lesbian sequences. The film gets off to a great start: by the pool, Lina Romay spreads suntan lotion on Hemy Basalo‘s body. In no time she switches from cream to oral sex, and the two kiss and lick each other until a man interrupts them by dumping a bucket of cold water on them. Seven minutes later, Hemy Basalo is in bed with a man. First, she gives him a blowjob, then masturbates in front of him. In the next scene, Ajita Wilson and Lina Romay kiss and lick each other, then use a candle as a sex toy to penetrate mutually. Four minutes later, Ajita lies naked on a pool table and her companions play dice on her body. Immediately after, we witness a lesbian scene starring Lina Romay and Kati Ballari. Lina penetrates Kati with a dildo, but in our opinion, this penetration is a body double.
This is followed by a lesbian threesome with Ajita Wilson, Hemy Basalo, and Lina Romay and a sex scene with Kati Ballari and a man. Again, we cannot tell if Kati Ballari uses a body double for penetration; the bed sheets look the same even in close-ups, but we are not persuaded. A few minutes later, we witness a timid lesbian scene between Ajita Wilson and Kati Ballari.
A minute later, Hemy Basalo and Lina Romay are sitting on the couch playing with a bottle. You can imagine where that bottle goes. There follows a sequence that was definitely shot twice. In the hardcore version, Ajita Wilson, Hemy Basalo, and Lina Romay are engaged in an orgy together with a man. They all lick and Lina is blowing a man. Kati Ballari and another man enter the room and join them. In the softcore version, the scene is similar but Lina Romay only simulates blowing, hiding the man’s penis with one hand. Eleven minutes later, another lesbian scene: Hemy Basalo and Lina Romay play with a necklace, fondle each other and do a 69 position. A final nude scene with all the actresses closes the film.

Nude scenes