Bananes mécaniques

Directed By: Jean-François Davy


Bananes mécaniques (the international title is 5 Kittens) is a French erotic comedy from 1973. Five girls spend a few days at the villa of one of their fathers, who is on vacation with his mistress. The girls indulge in various amusements and wild sex.
Christine Laurent and Marie-Georges Pascal are the first two nude actresses. They both have sex with their partner in an alternate editing scene. Six minutes later, in a sequence with a montage similar to the previous scene, we can enjoy Anne Libert having sex with a man, and Marie-Georges Pascal lying in bed, alone and horny.
In the following scene, the roles are reversed. Anne Libert is alone and Marie-Georges Pascal is in bed with a man. Anna starts dancing, then does a striptease, finally throws herself on the bed and masturbates, with her hands and with the help of a pillow.
The protagonist of the film has sex with more than one woman at a time in the following scene. The first to ride him is Anne Libert, then it’s up to Marie-Claire Davy and finally to Marie-Georges Pascal.
Marie-Georges Pascal offers the second striptease of the film. She dances and strips for a man before having sex with him. Soon after, the man also has sex with Anne Libert and Pauline Larrieu.

Nude scenes