Directed By: Roger Vadim


Based on the comic strip of the same name, Barbarella is the story of a space and time traveler. A symbol of feminism, but also of fashion, with her clothes designed by Paco Rabanne. Also, an undisputed symbol of eroticism, declared right from the opening credits, with a space striptease by the beautiful Jane Fonda. Jane was the only actress to accept the part, which had been offered to Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren, and Virna Lisi. Critics demolished the film and few viewers went to the cinema to see it. Evidently, they were wrong, because 50 years later the film has become a cult for more than one generation.
In the first minutes of the film, Jane Fonda sculpts before our eyes one of the symbols of cinematic eroticism: Barbarella. During the opening credits, we admire Jane Fonda naked, after she has removed a space suit. A moment later, the actress is wearing a costume composed of transparent plastic and black pantyhose.
Twelve minutes later, the actress is naked again, wrapped in a fur blanket. She stands up and gets dressed, after letting us catch a glimpse of her perfect breasts. Half an hour later we find our heroine imprisoned on the planet Sogo, wearing a new super sexy costume. Ten minutes later, another costume change. This time Jane Fonda / Barbarella wears a transparent bodice over one boob. In this costume, she enters a room full of beautiful girls, among whom Katiuska Lanvin stands out, naked and hanging from the ceiling. The actress sits and vapes some “essence of man” together with Talitha Pol.

Nude scenes