Battlestar Galactica (Season 2)

Directed By: Michael Rymer


The second season of Battlestar Galactica continues from the end of the first season and continues to chronicle the adventures of the human fleet that survived the Cylon robot attack. In addition to external threats, this fragile society is undermined by fear, paranoia, and political ambition.
At the sixteenth minute of the second episode, on a forested planet Tricia Helfer is wearing a white, wet, see-through shirt. At the beginning of the fifth episode we watch Katee Sackhoff through a window. The woman is walking across the room in her underwear and bra, looking for a pair of pants. At the eighth minute of the seventh episode Tricia Helfer is totally naked and sitting upside down in a chair, her breasts covered by the backrest. We admire some cleavage as she talks to a man in the room. At the forty-ninth minute of episode 10 Tricia Helfer is lying on the floor in a short beige dress, with her hands tied behind her back. A man sits in front of her and talks to her. In some shots hard nipples push under the fabric of the dress. In the twenty-first minute of the following episode Tricia is lying naked on a bed, partially covered by a sheet, and is chatting with a man sitting in an armchair. Seven minutes later the actress is locked in a cell, a man brings her a change of clothes, and she takes off her shirt, showing us her back and the sides of her breasts. In the twenty-sixth minute of the fifteenth episode Katee Sackhoff is drinking with man, then leans over and kisses him. A moment later the two are entwined and he is pulling down her panties. At the sixth minute of episode eighteen Grace Park is immersed naked in a tub filled with a thick, white substance. Perhaps we can see the dark shadow of her nipples, perhaps we are being overly horny. At the forty-second minute of the twentieth episode Tricia Helfer is kneeling in front of a small table and removing her clothes. We see her from the back. The actress stands up and walks to another room, holding her breasts with her hands. A man catches up with her as she is removing her panties in a particularly dark room. The two kiss and have sex.

Nude scenes