Battlestar Galactica (Season 3)

Directed By: Félix Enríquez Alcalá


The third season of Battlestar Galactica begins where it left off with a cliffhanger the previous season. the crew of the Galactica discovers a habitable planet, but things get even more complicated when the Cylons find the planet and offer humanity a surprising peace proposal.
At the fifteenth minute of the third episode Tricia Helfer gets out of bed and gets dressed, leaving us to look at the outline of her breasts. At the beginning of episode six, Tricia sunbathes lying on the rocks wearing a sexy red bikini. Fourteen minutes later Grace Park is standing naked in a room, seen in profile. At the thirteenth minute of the seventh episode, a man is lying on a lawn chair. Tricia Helfer approaches him. The woman is wearing a seductive red dress and leans over him. In the seventeen minutes that follow we see other parts of this scene, alternated with different sequences. Tricia straddles the man, then pulls her dress down over her breasts and begins to have sex with him, riding him. In the seventeenth minute of the eighth episode Lucy Lawless wakes up naked in a bed, where there is also a man and Tricia Helfer. They are fresh from a threesome that we would have liked to see. We have to settle for the actresses’ backs. Lucy also shows us part of her ass. At the end of episode 13, Tricia Helfer takes off her shoes and sits next to a man on a hospital bed, wearing a very low-cut red dress. At the beginning of the seventeenth Katee Sackhoff wears a white shirt and black panties while painting a house wall. A guy approaches her from behind and the two begin to make out, smearing paint all over themselves.

Nude scenes