Belles à confesse

Directed By: Pierre Unia


Belles à confesse is a 1982 French hardcore film, directed by Pierre Unia. Full of interesting scenes and very intriguing actresses.
It starts with Marie-Jo.
Marie-Jo is an Italian porn star who only starred in this film. If you love the mature genre you will like her very much. In the first sequence, Marie-Jo is reading a pornographic magazine while her husband licks between her legs. In the second sequence, she is licking. But he’s not licking her husband, he’s giving a priest a blowjob!
Another very beautiful actress is Hare Krane. In this film, she gives us a couple of very interesting sex scenes. Plus, the two actresses are engaged in a beautiful lesbian scene that includes a strap-on. The scene becomes a threesome when a man joins the party.
And then there’s the legendary Cathy Ménard. We see her licking a nun between her thighs, played by Elisabeth Buré.
Obviously the scenes are many. Hare Krane has sex with a priest, A priest has sex with a nun (Elisabeth Buré), there is a threesome, there is a bit of anal… in short, full service.

Nude scenes